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Lune Legacy Chapter 28: Welcome Back

Chapter 28 of the Lune Legacy has finally been released.  This will be the last chapter that is uploaded fully on the Sims 3 website.  From Chapter 29 forward, will have the preview when the chapter is released and link over here for the full chapter.

For now, you can find chapter 28 here:


(As a side note, I started an alphabetcy as well, which can be found here:


Hello to all my little Simian friends out there.  The time has finally come where I have replaced my old broken laptop with a brand new wonderfully fast desktop computer.  Can it still be called a desktop when I have the keyboard on my lap and the mouse beside me on the sofa?  Hm, things to ponder...

Anyway, we got a puppy earlier this month, her name is Taffy.  Taffy decided that to help me make the transition from using my old laptop to getting a new desktop that much easier, she'd chew through the power cord on my laptop, effectively ending it's usability.  My laptop's battery is fried and can not hold a charge, I've already been through three broken chargers, I get the blue screen of death at least once a week, it's slow as all hell now, and lastly and most damning is that the keyboard has no right arrow key.

So, yesterday I went to get my new machine.  It's an HP desktop with an AMD Athlon quad core 3.10ghz processor, 6 gigs of ram, 1tb hard drive.  The graphics card in it is onboard, but can be easily upgraded and I probably will upgrade it to a graphics card that we have lying around here.  I just need to get a monitor for it because right now I have stolen my husbands monitor and I don't think that he's too happy about it.

So, I have the base game and Ambitions installed, and am about to install Late Night, then I just have to focus on moving all my CC, saves, and screenshots over to this computer.  Yay!

I have also decided to not put the complete chapters for my legacy on the Sims 3 website.  I'll put the first few pages up as a preview, then link to the full chapter in my blog.  I don't want to deal with the storymaker anymore, nor do I want to have to copy everything over to my blog after making it on the Sims 3 website.  I just don't have the time anymore, not with a 8 month old running around trying to eat my coffee table.  Plus, I won't feel so much pressure to get so much done in such a short amount of time.

In the meantime, while I wait for everything to install and copy, I've been working on a new banner for this blog (like it?), and working on creating a new blog for my brand new story, titled "Big Dreams Alphabetcy". 

Here is the first paragraph from the intro chapter:

"This is the tale of Zoe Dynasty, a small town girl with big dreams. She wasn't always Zoe Dynasty, she used to be Anne McDonald, and she used to live way out in the country on a little farm.  She would work day and night on that farm to make her ailing Pa happy.  Her father, affectionately refered to as Old McDonald, loved his farm but was getting too old to work on it like he used to.  Old McDonald didn't have a wife or other children to help him out, so it was all left to Anne.  Anne's mother went on a 'vacation' when she was still a young child.  In truth, she was admitted to the crazy house, after being driven there from having to listen to animal noises day in and day out.  Still to this day she sits in her room repeating over and over, "here a oink, there an oink, everywhere an oink oink" and so on and so forth with different animal sounds."

Update on game issue/EA support fail

Hey everyone!  Hope you're all doing well.  I have a nasty cold, so I'm a little under the weather, and quite a bit peeved with EA.  If you remember my previous post about the graphic and animation errors that I'm encountering, I have a bit of an update for you.  Even with a clean re-install, my game still messes up when Ambitions is installed.  Something with that expansion is corrupting my game.

After trying everything I could possibly think of to fix the issue, I finally relented and e-mailed EA tech support.  I would have been better off hitting my head against a wall, I think.  At least that way maybe I could get dizzy enough that the jerky animations and camera movements looked smooth.  Anyway, I'm currently in a battle with them over trying to get them to actually read what I'm writing and not just copy and pasting a canned response based on the first word of my e-mail.  So far, I have failed in this endeavor.

I have now been told that jerky animations and overall graphic errors in Ambitions is a "mechanics of gameplay" problem and as such is not supported, but I should read guides and walkthroughs to fix it.  Hm, don't think your prima guide is going to tell me how to find out what in that expansion pack is causing such a radical change in my game, but nice try at a sales pitch.  This would be my very nice, polite, totally not pissed off in any way reply:

"My issue has nothing to do with how the game is played. My issue does, however, have everything to do with Ambitions creating animation and graphic errors in my game. These issues start on the loading screen with the captions coming in jerky and choppy movements (sometimes preventing loading or crashing the game completely) and continue through gameplay with sim animations and camera movements. This does not occur until I install Ambitions, the game runs perfectly with only the base game installed. No guide or walkthrough is going to fix this as it is not a question of how to play the game, but rather a question of how to fix this technical issue so that the game is once more playable as right now the frequency of the jerky repeats in animation make this game nothing more than an overpriced coaster that's taking up room on my hard drive.

When I hold down the 's' button in camera mode, it should smoothly move out, not continually jerk forward and backward. This same thing happens with all animations, camera movements and the captions on the loading screen. If you don't want to actually assist me with this issue and continually dismiss it as a question of the 'mechanics of gameplay' (I'm not asking how to get a Sim to eat, or how to turn on camera mode, for God's sake), then please let someone who understands the issue attempt to solve it."

So, literally two minutes (TWO MINUTES) later, they reply with another canned response based on the word "crashed" in my above reply, telling me to play in windowed mode.  Wow, I'm so glad that in two minutes he was able to recieve my reply, read through it carefully, really think about the issue, come to a conclusion on it (by 'conclusion', I mean picked out a word and searched for an article containing it), and write a thoughtful reply back to me (by 'write', I mean copy and paste).  I feel like a valued consumer of EA products, makes me want to continue to spend money on this game.

I be a pissed off little BlueChan, and unless they get their heads out of their asses, this may spell the end for the Lunes (until I find another way to play, anyway).  I'm going to wait to cool off before replying again.

On a side note, I'm completely aware of how call centres work.  I know that the goal is 'get them in, get them out' in as little time as needed, but this is ridiculous.  I don't expect a nicely written personal reply about my problem, canned responses are fine as long as they are relevant to the issue.  And just because your two minute search does not come up with anything related to my problem, don't pass it off as a "mechanics of gameplay" issue because you don't want to actually look into it.

-A very blue Blue

Sim Fail

Hey guys!  I announced this at my site, but I'll announce it here too since I know not everyone checks over there.  My Sim game is broken.  The saved game is still there, I just can't get to it.  It's also saved numerous places to make sure that I don't lose the Lunes.  Basically, I had a problem with the animation skipping backwards and repeating.  So, I shut down the game and left it for a couple days because I couldn't get it fixed.  I went to go back into it last week, and I can no longer get through the loading screen.  Great.  So, I removed all CC, removed the saved games, cleared all the caches and all the backups, and it still would not load.  Double great.

I've moved since I first installed Sims 3, and I can't find my original game, so re-installing was not an option at the time.  I have since borrowed my brothers copy of the Sims 3 and un-installed and re-installed the game.  Then the launcher would not work.  Fine, whatever.  I could just send the screenshots over to my laptop and upload them from the working launcher on here (the laptop is mine, but runs Sims a bit slowly, the desktop is my husbands and runs Sims amazingly so I prefer to use that to play).  But, I couldn't even get the game to start from the executable file, so off I went again to un-install and re-install the base game.

That time it worked and I could load up the game with no problems.  I've now re-installed Ambitions (which is the only other Sims 3 pack I own), but I don't have all my Sims3Packs installed yet.  It's been a fun week.